Jacqueline & Kyle Engagement Portraits

Whew yeah! High energy engagement photos.  Jacqueline and Kyle are up for pretty much anything and everything for their engagement photos. We literally spent the day in San Antonio and Austin on bridges, hiking to the railroad tracks, driving and driving until something pretty eye inspiring stopped us in our tracks. This was the kind of day that lugging a backpack filled with cameras, lenses and fun lighting options was like traveling through a concrete wall with the humidity levels as they were. I remember the fountains felt so tempting to step into, so Jacqueline and Kyle did on this muggy warm day. It’s total inspiration to travel, make a connection with a couple in love and see the possibilities. The drainage ditch and paint was by far the all time climax to this day. I can’t wait to connect with them again and meet their families to record the special moments on their wedding day in Austin, Texas. For more information on planning your Wedding Day in Austin, the website austintexas.org has information on hotels, reception sites, churches and the landmarks to visit. Also, if you love these photos and know someone who is getting married, I would be honored if you would refer us to the engaged couple.

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