Metro Credit Union's advertising photography shares their image of service and commitment

The Metro Credit Union’s advertising photography shares their image of service and commitment with Omaha. What began as a business defining their solid foundation of ethical principles, serving it’s customers and positive community service combine to be a key in this bank’s business model. With rates for loans at an all time low, and sharing this with it’s members, the proven track record of Metro Credit Union growth in Omaha swings to the high side of service. We’re proud to contribute advertising photography on Metro’s behalf.

I had the pleasure to document this new mark in the local banking industry thru advertising photography. With a combined total of 6 banking entities, Metro Credit Union’s growth has moved to serve the North Omaha and South Omaha areas. It is welcomed by these developing communities and their own business growth.

What an exciting opportunity to share with the Omaha community, a series of advertising photography campaigns in the form of multiple television commercials, print media and billboard ads to serve as a witness to their commitment to service and growth. I have contributed my advertising photography to bolster the print media and billboard ads that will hit the market in the very near future. When your business is looking to advance it’s image in the community, be sure to contact A Better Exposure for all of your advertising photography needs.

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